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Baby's First Year and Beyond

These milestone sessions are a great way to document the growth and development of your baby in their first year. It's amazing to see how much they change and grow in such a short amount of time, and these sessions provide the perfect opportunity to capture these memories and freeze time, so to speak.

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Please inquire early! We may not be able to accommodate last-minute bookings.

Baby's First Year Beyond Captured by Austin Newborn Photography

At Austin Newborn Photography, we understand just how quickly babies grow and change. That's why we offer a variety of milestone portrait sessions to help you document your baby's first year and beyond. From tummy time to sitter sessions to crawler sessions and a celebratory cake smash, our team is here to capture all of the important milestones along the way.

Our tummy time sessions, held between 3-5 months, are a great way to capture your baby's facial expressions and early movements as they start to lift their head and support themselves. During the sitter sessions, held between 6-8 months, we'll capture your baby's cute smiles and giggles as they begin to sit up and interact with the world around them. The crawler sessions, held around 9 months, highlight your baby's newfound mobility and adventurous spirit. And finally, the one year cake smash is a fun and messy way to celebrate your baby's first birthday and the end of their first year.

But our services don't stop there. We also offer older baby sessions upon request, and are happy to provide a cake smash session for your little one up to 3 years of age. Whether you're looking to document your baby's first year or their toddler years, our team is here to help you capture these special moments and create lasting memories.

So why wait? Let Austin Newborn Photography help you document your baby's growth and milestones beyond their first year. Contact us today to schedule your session and preserve these precious memories for years to come.

We also, upon request, book older baby sessions. We will happily photography a cake smash session for your little one's up to 3 years. Just contact us for more information.

Milestone Sessions | Baby Photography

Simply Baby


Our baby studio has created these simple baby milestone sessions for you to have adorably sweet baby photos that document each stage of baby's growth and development.

3 months-3 years
Approx 45 Min
2 Simple Sets
$200 Package Credit

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When is the best time to schedule?

Austin Newborn Photography suggests the following milestones:

Tummy Time Sessions (3-5 months) | Sitter Sessions (6-8 months) | Crawler (9ish months) | One Year (Cake Smash!!)

The age range is based on the milestone. We capture milestones vs age alone.

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