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Austin Newborn Photographer

Newborn portraits with Austin Newborn Photography will help you remember even the littlest details of baby's newborn stage. From those adorable baby cheeks, their tiny toes, little hands, to those fleetingly sweet dreamy smiles. This stage passes way too quickly.

Newborn Sessions are booked in the first few weeks after baby's birth. Our preference is between 10 and 21 days new. All sessions are held in our boutique commercial studio Monday-Friday.

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Newborn Session

This is our Full Newborn Session.  It can include sibling and family portraits.  We will custom design  your newborn session based on your preferences.


up to 2.5 hour session in our North Austin Studio.  We have 100's (possibly 1000's) of adorable pieces to create the perfect newborn photo shoot for your family.  

Can include family/parent/sibling poses.

at least 4 set-ups

$100 Package Credit

(images purchased separate from session fee)




Newborn "Mini" Session

This is perfect for those parents that just want a few images of their newborn and do not want family photos.  It is a fully swaddled session to keep baby content for this shorter session.  

Approximately ONE HOUR in our North Austin Studio, 2-3 Sets, and  10 Digital Images.



Our artistic approach and attention to detail ensure that every image is a masterpiece of innocence and love

Austin Best Newborn Photographer

Why Choose Us?

Full Service Newborn Studio

Austin Newborn Photography is a private, commercial studio. We are a full-service, baby portrait studio that caters exclusively expectant, new mothers, and growing families.

Our newborn studio offers the luxury of custom portraits that will become family heirlooms. You want to document this joyful time and we want to help by creating beautiful imagery for you. 

Austin Newborn Photography only accepts a limited number of due dates per month. This allows us to provide our clients with a memorable experience.  

As a custom portrait studio, it is Austin Newborn Photography's goal to create beautiful pieces of art for you to display in your home. We have an exclusive line of heirloom products, including hand-printed fine art prints, luxe wall art pieces, and heirloom albums. 

Safety is Our Top Priority

At Austin Newborn Photography, we take newborn safety seriously. With over 12 years experience. We've photographed 100's of Newborn Sessions. Newborn safety is a priority.

We are proud to be APNI certified, and our team has undergone extensive safety training and attended seminars led by renowned educators. During your baby's photoshoot, we always have an assistant present to closely observe your little one ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

We understand that certain poses, may require extra care for your baby's comfort. And not all babies will be successfully posed in all positions and/or props.

We will never force a pose.

Our commitment to safety goes beyond the session itself. After each portrait session, we take special care to thoroughly wash, steam, and UV sanitize all props, sets, and outfits, providing a clean and hygienic environment for your baby. Moreover, we serve only 1-2 clients per day to ensure a personalized and safe experience for your family.

100's of Newborn Props

Creating heartwarming and timeless newborn portraits is made easy and stress-free with Austin Newborn Photography. Our studio is equipped with an expansive set of props and accessories. Our collection of backdrops, wraps, hats, and headbands is expansive. Many are custom made (many hand knit by Valerie)

Having a wide selection of props at our fingertips allow for us to be creative and can add charm to the portraits, creating captivating moments that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

At Austin Newborn Photography, we are dedicated to creating stunning and safe newborn portraits that celebrate the love and joy of your growing family. Trust us to capture these precious moments, ensuring your baby's safety and comfort every step of the way.

Studio Hours

The Austin Newborn Photography Studio schedules all regular sessions Monday-Friday. Newborn Sessions are always scheduled weekday mornings. These sessions are approximately 2.5 hours (sometimes more sometimes less). For families with older siblings we like to do the family portion of your session at the beginning of your session. This way the sibling can go back to school or home. 2.5 hours is a long time for toddlers and older children to sit around and it really is best that they have someone that can take them home after their part is done.

Newborn Session Fee INFO | What is a Session Retainer Fee?

Session Retainer fees are due at the time of booking. The Session Fee secures your preferred date on our schedule.

Unless otherwise stated, the session fee covers only our time together in the studio & does not include any prints, products, or digital images.

It covers the planning and prep of your session. Your Maternity and Newborn Session will include the time and talent of both Valerie and her assistants.

If your session fee includes a "package credit" This is a Pre-payment towards your package purchase.

about 2 weeks after your session we will meet at the studio to look at your portraits. at this session reveal you will select your favorite images and artwork.

All prices are subject to state and local sales tax.

*Prices subject to change. Contact us for most current pricing information*

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"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities"

eda j le shan


When should I book my session?

You should book your maternity and/or newborn session as early as you feel comfortable. Be aware our schedule can only accommodate 10-14 due dates a month. It is recommended you book some time in your second trimester.

Your newborn session will take place when the baby is between 10 days and six weeks of age. Our preference is 15 and 21 days. This gives baby and mom to settle into a bit of a pattern and have recovered from delivery. In these early days, it can be difficult to get out and about. We start our newborn sessions at 10:30 and our studio days are Monday through Friday.

We often cannot accommodate LAST MINUTE BOOKINGS. You are highly encouraged to inquire early.

How do I prepare for my session?

The morning of your session you should give baby a bath, play, and try to keep baby awake. Give baby a good feed and baby will most likely fall asleep on the way to the studio. It is important that you dress baby in a sleeper that snaps or zips up the front. Pulling clothing over baby's head often upsets them. We want a nice, sleepy, calm little one.

it is important that baby is sleepy for their session. Many of the poses require baby to be in a very deep sleep. We ask that if you can bring extra bottles of expressed milk or formula. This helps us to sooth baby into positions with bottle as opposed to handing baby over for a top off each time they become unsettled.

We also ask that you bring a pacifier even if baby is not using one regularly. The one they send home with you from the hospital is perfect. if baby needs soothed into a pose we will often have to pop the pacifier in for just a few minutes as baby settles into the position required for the pose. if you do not have a pacifier we keep individually wrapped pacifiers in the studio in case of emergency.

How Long is a newborn session?

At Valerie Kay Photography, we understand that newborn sessions require time, patience, and a gentle touch. Our Signature Newborn Sessions typically last around 2.5 hours. This allows us to create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for plenty of snuggles, feedings, and gentle posing to capture those adorable moments. We respect your baby's cues and know when they need a break or when they've had enough for the day.

If you opt for our Petite Newborn Session, this newborn only session is approximately 45 minutes in length.


There are no set limits on the number of setups and poses we'll do during your newborn session. Our goal is to create a unique and personalized experience for every family. Typically, we'll capture 2-3 poses, 3-5 props, close-ups, and heartwarming family and sibling images. Your final gallery will consist of approximately 45-60 unique images to cherish forever.

HOW do you plan for my newborn session?

Planning your baby's photo shoot is made easy and stress free with Valerie Kay Photography. We'll provide you with a planning questionnaire that covers everything from color preferences, styling, and any special requests you may have. Your session will be designed with your family's preferences in mind.

Where Does My Newborn Session take Place?

Your newborn session will take place at the Valerie kay Photography / Austin Newborn Photography studio. Our studio is fully equipped with everything we need for styling a unique, creative session to capture those fleeting little details of your tiny, new baby.

The studio is located in North Central Austin on North Lamar..

We do not offer in-home newborn sessions. our studio is private. we currently only book one session per day. there is room for us to set up and work efficiently. Being in the studio allows us to follow creative whims when inspiration strikes in the middle of your session. We do not travel to client's homes.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Just you, baby, and as mentioned above milk and a pacifier. Our studio is equipped with everything we need. We supply all props, outfits, hats, wraps, headbands, and backgrounds. You do not need to bring any "newborn" clothing or wearable props. In these early newborn days everything is just too big. Baby clothes in "newborn" sizes do not photograph well at this stage and often distract from baby's sweet, tiny features. We suggest you keep any little outfits you have for photos at home when baby is a little older. Many of the commercially made newborn "photo props" are made to fit babies that are closer to 2-3 months, they are often scratchy, and do not photograph well.

AT THIS TIME DUE to the coronavirus / covid19 pandemic we cannot allow outside props.


Your happiness is our priority, and that's why we let you choose your favorite images from the session. At your ordering appointment, we'll view your images together and you'll have the opportunity to select the ones you love the most to keep. The number of images will ultimately depend on which newborn image package you chose to purchase. Package choices can include anywhere from 10 up to your full digital gallery.

What should we wear for our family portraits?

The simpler the better. solid, neutral colors. Avoid busy patterns.

These images are photographed from the waist up.

We suggest creams vs whites and grays vs black.

AT THIS TIME DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS / COVID19 PANDEMIC we ask that siblings leave after their portraits are made and that only same-household, immediate family come to the studio with you.

Do you have a question?

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